Our aim is to educate, inspire, encourage and honour our students whilst promoting excellence in all aspects of traditional karate.

Karate is aimed at the individual, where every student is given the opportunity to develop at his/her own pace. The benefits of karate are numerous and include the development and improvement of balance, posture, concentration, discipline, confidence and overall physical vitality.

The club has come a long way from first starting in an old community hall to the present beautiful and fully equipped dojo in Hennopspark. kime KARATE is very active in both national and international karate tournaments. This club has produced champions in world Shotokan events, South African National All Styles Karate events, and national Shotokan events.




Social Skills




Physical vitality

Awesome Instructors

kime KARATE has well trained awesome instructors

Fun and Safe Training

Your child will have FUN while we expand their minds


Your child will be able to fully participate on day ONE


kime KARATE is affiliated to the World Shotokan Karate Federation (WSKF), falling under the auspices of Mike Dukas Sensei in South Africa. Mike Dukas Sensei holds the position of Chief Instructor and sole representative for WSKF Karate in South Africa.

“We firmly reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination. We hold no position on religion or politics and recognize each individual and each separate organization as self-determining entities. We seek the growth and development of World Shotokan and through that the development of world peace.

It is our firm decision to found our art as a modern and permanent one, firmly rooted in friendship and understanding between all human beings on the planet. We seek the development and growth of a world youth and health movement based on mutual understanding between all federated member organizations. Under these guiding principles, we hereby organize and found The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation.” (WSKF) 1 JUNE, 1990

Our DOJO KUN (Guiding Principles)

1. Strive for perfection of character!
Hitotsu: Junkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto!

2. Be faithful!
Hitotsu: Makoto no michi o mamoru koto!

3. Endeavour
Hitotsu: Doryoku no seichin o yashinau koto!

4. Respect others!
Hitotsu: Reigi o omonzuru koto!

5. Refrain from violent behaviour!
Hitotsu: Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto!