Tshwane Development and Elites Competition

Big congratulations to all of our kids that competed this weekend. To many, this was the first big tournament and they smashed it 💥. We are proud of all of you. We’d like to congratulate those that placed and got selected for the Tswane team.

Development team:
Thami Masola (Kata 🥉Kumite 🥈)
Orrin Campbell (Kumite 🥈)
Pedri Du Randt (Kumite 🥈)
Minke Du Randt (Kata 🥉 Kumite 🥇)
Maurizio Venditti (Kata 🥇Kumite 🥉)
Durand van Niekerk (Kata 🥉Kumite 🥇)
Onkabetse Ramphekwa (Kumite 🥇)
Itumeleng Sebole (Kata 🥇 Kumite 🥇)

Elite team:
Ethan Hansen (Kata 🥈Kumite 🥈)
Caleb Macmaster (🥉Kumite)
Biopelo Sebole (Kata 🥈 kumite 🥇)
Liam Hansen (Kumite 🥉)
Megan Weideman (Kata 🥇 Kumite 🥇)
Durand van Niekerk (Kata 🥉Kumite 🥇)
James Marincowitz (Kata 🥇Kumite 🥉)
Itumeleng Sebole (Kata 🥉Kumite 🥈)

Well done 👊!